’Now’ Is Always the Best Time to Start

Oct 22, 2021

Running a business can be lonely…and exhausting. Especially if you’re doing it all on your own. Believe me, I know. I DIYed my business for 10 years. 

And yes, I made money consistently, but it was making money the hard way, with under-earning, over-hustling, and lack of direction.  

I’m here to encourage you, you don’t have to do it alone. It’s not fair to rely solely on your partner, your friends, or free content on the internet to guide you in growing and scaling your business. 

You can just decide that now is the best time to invest in yourself, your vision, and your business. 

You can just decide that you and your business are worthy of believing in. 

You can allow yourself to believe all you dream of is possible for you. And like I tell my kids “now is always the best time to start.”

When I stopped DIYing my business and invested in coaching, everything shifted. I was able to gain clarity, get a wide view...


How to Network Your Way to $100k

Oct 15, 2021

Networking, both in-person and online has been a huge part of how I create demand and new clients in my business. And, bonus...it’s a marketing activity I actually love!

If you too love getting to know people - or want to love it and get better at it - I’m confident that just by connecting with all the people around you, you can build a six-figure business!

I’ve created hundreds of thousands of dollars in my business and it’s all started with relationships. I don’t have fancy funnels, Facebook ads, and I’ve never gone viral. 

I’ve simply used my curiosity about people and my desire to help them get what they want to build a successful business sustainably for the last 16 years!

Today I want to share with you the simple way you can grow your business and scale to six-figures, just by building relationships with the people already around you. 

Here’s how I do it…

  1. Find environments you love to be a part of. Whether...

Hearts Instead of Calculators…

Oct 08, 2021

We, as women, do business differently.

I used to think this was a problem, but now I know that it’s not. We are creating, growing and building a way of doing business and making money that’s opposite in many ways from the way we were taught business is ‘supposed to’ run...and I absolutely love it!

Let’s embrace it, trust our inner nudges, and not ignore your intuition!

Here’s one beautiful example of how we do business that I recently experienced.

As women in business we lead with our hearts instead of our calculators.

I posted on social media recently that I started a small group at my church for women of faith building businesses and balancing real life. I had two people sign up but none showed up to the first meeting and instead of holding onto or keeping the content that I had prepared to share, I decided to record a video of what I had planned to talk about and share it on social media instead.

The response was amazing, immediate and...


What to Do When You’ve Fallen Short...It’s Not What You Think

Oct 05, 2021

Today I want to talk about what happens when you fall short.

As you know, we just wrapped up Q3 and are launching into Q4. Many of us are thinking about our goals and evaluating. That's all very important but what happens when you fall short?

I can totally relate to this because I have fallen short. I haven't reached my annual goal, I haven't reached my quarterly goal, I haven't reached my September goal. And even this week has been crazy as I've had a sick kiddo at home and haven’t hit my weekly targets. So in pretty much all areas I'm feeling like I’m falling short.

I want to share with you how I move through this because when we are feeling this way we can get stuck there and not use it in a generative fashion. If you can relate, this exercise is for you.

Step #1: Thought Download. When I'm feeling like I'm falling short or have fallen short what I do first is take 5-10 minutes to get all of my feelings and thoughts out on paper. Write whatever comes to mind, not...


Sneaky Thought #2: “I’m not sure what I’m offering can really help.”

Sep 28, 2021

Hi friends! I want to share with you an analogy that has been so helpful for me in getting better results in my sales and marketing efforts. It’s a concept called the Belief Triangle. I learned this from my sales coach, Stacey Boehman, and it has really helped me to better understand the relationship between my belief and how it relates to my clients and being able to close more sales and help more women build successful businesses.

So, picture this, there are three points on the triangle: you, your client, and your offer or service. For you to successfully market and sell to your client, all three sides of belief must be present:

  1. You must believe in your service and your client
  2. Your client must believe in you and your service

It’s also important to note that your client’s level of belief in you and your offer will never be higher than your belief in yourself and your offer. Let me say it another way...your client will never believe in you more than you believe...


What Was the Marketing Thing 20 Years Ago?

Sep 24, 2021

Back when I started working in Marketing two decades ago, my clients thought that having the perfect Yellow Pages ad, AM radio ad, or direct mail piece would make them successful. They thought all they had to do was scatter-shot a million people and have a miniscule percentage take them up on their offer and make millions of dollars. 

Today, entrepreneurs I talk to obsess over fancy funnels, Facebook ads, and Instagram grids...still thinking THESE strategies will make them millions...if they can just get ‘enough’ eye-balls on their offer.

Truth is...none of that crap mattered back then and it doesn't matter now! 

Listen, friends, the mass market doesn’t exist anymore...and this is great news for us - entrepreneurs and small business owners! Our modern economy is made up of micro-markets, small pockets of very specific people, with specific interests and needs. And thanks to the Internet we can reach them without having to sift through the mass market.



Could This Sneaky Thought Be Holding You Back Right Now?

Sep 22, 2021

There have been countless times in my business that I’ve procrastinated writing the vulnerable post, avoided hitting ‘send’ on the email,’ didn’t make the follow-up call because when it really came down to it, the sneaky thought “no one really wants what I have to offer” was at work in my brain. 

With that kind of thinking, it’s going to be super simple to avoid that rejection ahead of time and not make the offer, send the email, place the call. What’s the point, right?

Could this thought be holding you back right now? If you’re not getting the results you want, this sneaky, limiting, sabotaging thought may be at work. 

Telltale signs include procrasti-[fill in the blank], like procrasti-learning, procrasti-web browsing, procrasti-facebooking...etc. I know cuz I’ve been guilty of them all. Sound familiar? 

So, what can we do? 

The first step is recognizing that this thought - or some version of it...


How to Have More Fun with Your Marketing

Sep 17, 2021

In marketing your business…are you feeling the fun or the pressure?

During a couple sessions with clients this week we uncovered thoughts getting in the way of progress that went something like “if there’s no pressure, it wouldn’t be work.”

When we’re thinking this way, we feel pressure and show up to marketing feeling the heaviness of pleasing people, having to make money, and not wasting time.

Believe me, I’ve been there and done that! These thoughts feel so real!

But the truth is that showing up to our marketing with the heaviness and pressure leads to coming across as graspy, salesy and desperate. Not attractive!

When you’re feeling this kind of pressure it’s because you’re lacking belief that it’s working or having unrealistic expectations of what you think should be happening.

When you can consciously and intentionally shift to a place of fun and allowing rather than controlling the journey, your energy...


What to Do When Your Plan Is Not Working

Sep 15, 2021

Last year, while playing pond hockey I landed on my face after hitting a crack in the ice and flying like Superwoman through the air (thankfully, I wear a helmet cage that protects my face). The impact hurt. My neck and shoulders are still a sore reminder. But I got up...after a few minutes of doing a mental body scan. I got up, took a few minutes on the sideline and then got back in the game. 

I didn’t make that fall mean that I’m a failure and don’t belong playing hockey, or that I suck as a skater, should get off the rink, and walk away from the game...it was just a fall. I fall regularly while playing hockey but I get up and keep playing. 

A couple years ago I launched an online course and didn’t sell as much as I thought I would. I’m so thankful for each and every one of my students, but I wanted a bunch more of them. The course is effing amazing! But when I fell down on that field of play I made it mean that I’m a failure,...


What I’ve Learned About Leadership This Week...

Sep 10, 2021

This week I've learned a lot about leadership, that it starts with self-leadership, having a rudder, guiding values - like integrity, service, and honesty. Values that are lived, even when they don't feel good and are hard to live out.

I got sick this week and was unable to co-host my in-person retreat that I have been planning with my partner since the beginning of the year. It was heartbreaking, disappointing, and devastating to say the least. This week has been one of the toughest of my career as an entrepreneur and I had to go through it alone, in isolation. 

When these things happen, because we all find ourselves in tough situations sometimes, or alone in our decisions, we find out who we really are as leaders, when everything and everyone else is stripped away. 

So, this is what I’ve learned in a much deeper way...

Leadership is not the easy way out, it's lonely, it's hard, it's bravery, it's standing for what we believe, even when...even when others around us...

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