Who I work with...

In my private practice, I coach one-to-one with solopreneurs and small businesses ready to make more...AND enjoy their business and life.

Are you passionate about your mission, your business and making money...AND ready to create something sustainable?

Sound like you? Me too!

I was my first client. Back in 2016, I decided I really wanted to scale my business so I went to work trying a bunch of different ideas, spending a bunch of money on programs, creating lots of different programs and products, but none of it was selling. 

Of course, I wanted to blame my failures on my mentors, my products and programs, my lack of time, my family...basically everything and everyone but myself. That’s when I discovered coaching and learned that none of those circumstances created my failure, I did and what was going on in my thinking was creating my failure. Whaaaaat?!

That’s where the FREEDOM is baby! Because if I’m responsible for my failures...then I can also affect my success, eh??

So that’s when I went to work on my thinking, my mindset, my emotions around my work and my self-concept. And since then EVERYTHING has changed for me dramatically! My business is growing like I tripled in size in 2020! My clients are growing, making so much money, and doing things they never thought possible. 

The ONE thing I know for sure is that strategy is important, but even more important is what you’re thinking when you’re implementing it. 

Ready to get busy working on your business?? Let’s talk!

How I work with clients

Not only do I work one-on-one with my clients on their business, marketing & sales strategies; but also we work on the foundation of knowing your value, confidence, and a powerful mindset. From that foundation, strategy becomes full of ease, enjoyment of the journey, and the hustle-energy falls away. 

I’ve created a simple formula that incorporates mindset and strategy to grow and scale any business. 

No matter what stage you’re in, I can help you. 

Drawing from my 20+ years as an entrepreneur, my MBA in Marketing, and my 15+ years of working with small businesses, I coach my clients on everything from creating confidence to how to set up your Facebook ads.

It all starts with a conversation, you tell me about yourself and your business, what’s working and what’s not and what you want to create, your vision. I’m an expert at taking a look at your business and helping you see it from a new angle, through the lens of what’s possible and what you need to get there. And whether we decide to work together or not, you walk away with all the clarity and focus you need to take the next best step in your journey. You in? Let’s do this! Go take a look at my calendar and grab your spot now!


Your time is now...

You want to grow and scale, create the money, make the impact you know you're capable of. In one conversation I can provide all the clarity and focus you need to take the next best step in your journey. You in?

Each week I publish an inspiring and practical post to help you take your business to the next level. 

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