"I participated in Melissa’s marketing bootcamp this summer and found it to be incredibly insightful and a productive use of my time. It was a huge value to have access to an expert in her field, and to share ideas and business pains with other entrepreneurs. She delivered content in easily digestible and engaging formats, always stayed on time/task, and curated great community. We also received a free coaching day – which, by the end, proved to be one of the most helpful and impactful days I’ve had all year. She listens to your struggles, pain points, and dreams, and can filter out the excuses and help you see what is really going on an recommend a strong path forward. She’s authentic, smart, kind, patient, and just an overall rockstar both personally and professionally. I would highly recommend Melissa, her program, and this invaluable investment in your business. "

Sara L.

Sydney M.


"I’ve been working with Melissa for a year and have enjoyed every moment. Besides being a great person, she is strategic and creative. I am seeing a great return on my investment in social, online and email marketing, and could not have pulled it off without Avanti Creative Group! Thanks, Melissa!"

Michelle H.

Kisha J.


"I am keeping up with things and really enjoyed the content creation work. Generating ideas was painful at first, but by the time I hit #15, I was in flow. Thank you so much for breaking that up into manageable steps for me! That’s absolutely the key to anything but we rarely have a teacher as talented as you to coach us through that process and pull it out of overwhelm territory. I think I have some really great topics to work with and for our group."

Andrea B.

Michelle C.


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