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Doing Business Like a Woman Podcast

Doing Business Like a Woman Podcast

Hosted by: Melissa Kellogg Lueck

The Doing Business Like a Woman podcast is for women in any stage of building their own business - whether you're just getting started or are a seasoned pro - that wants to make more money and have a greater impact...

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057. How to Get in Front of More Potential Clients

If you feel like bringing new people into your network, and growing your audience organically has been slow going and hard, this week’s podcast is for you. Girl, I’ve been there! So many entrepreneurs and small...
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056. How to Market Like a Pro in 4 Simple Steps

Over the 17+ years that I have been working with clients on their marketing, I’ve noticed, almost without exception, that there are four common areas of our marketing that if we aren’t paying attention to and...
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055. How To Take Care of Your Health & Create More Wealth with Hally Brooke

We all know we’re supposed to be practicing self care - yada, yada - but for a long time just thinking of “self care” would make me feel awful and inadequate, like I’m even bad at taking care of myself, let alone all...
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054. How to Grow Your Audience to Grow Your Revenue

Even if you have a great business but are offering your services to the same pool of people, your business and revenue growth is going to be painfully slow! Growing your audience, your pool of potential clients, is...
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053. How to Solve Our Toughest Problems with Both/And Thinking with Wendy Smith

Feeling like you’re getting in your own way or stuck in indecision - we’re all there one time or another, right?! - can often be a sign of “either/or” or “all or nothing” thinking. Dr. Wendy Smith, my guest this week...
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052. How to Create Calm in the Chaos of Business and Life with Heather Greco

My guest for this episode is Heather Greco, an entrepreneur, coach, popular podcaster, and single mom of 3, who also has a full-time job. How does she do it all?? That’s precisely what I had to know; so that’s what...
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051. How to Stand Out in a Changing Economic Climate

In this week’s episode, I give you a rundown, a checklist, of the marketing strategies that will give you the biggest return on your time and effort - and that don’t cost much, if any, money to implement.   Marketing...
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050. How to Create a Strong Foundation for Growth w/ Jessica Millhiser

When we’re starting out in business, often we think “if this business works, then I’ll get organized,” or “then I’ll create my systems.” Jessica Milhiser, a business growth strategist and my guest this week on the...
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049. Why Marketing Feels Hard and How to Make it Easier

Marketing just feels hard sometimes. Whether it’s figuring out the tech or not knowing what to say, feeling like you have nothing to say, comparing ourselves to other entrepreneurs further along than we are, trying to...
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048. How Having Business Values Creates Clarity

You know me…I’m not a big fan of ‘corporate-y complexity’ so this week’s podcast may surprise you. I’ve been doing my own work on my business values and I’m loving the clarity and direction that having explicit values...
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047. What's Missing from Most Marketing Strategy that's Holding Us Back

A few years back, I created an online course, spent thousands to launch it multiple times, and each time it didn’t sell well. I thought I needed to improve my marketing, do better, spend more, be more in more places,...
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046. What We Need Now is Courage & How to Create It

Recently I returned from a conference in Dallas. It was amazing to be in person with about 500 fellow women entrepreneurs building businesses and making the money! Any time I’m in that kind of environment, I look for...
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