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Doing Business Like a Woman Podcast

Doing Business Like a Woman Podcast

Hosted by: Melissa Kellogg Lueck

The Doing Business Like a Woman podcast is for women in any stage of building their own business - whether you're just getting started or are a seasoned pro - that wants to make more money and have a greater impact...

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031. How to Build a Business that Lasts with Ciara Stockeland

My guest on this episode, Ciara Stockeland, knows endurance and that’s what we’re talking about today. Ciara has been an entrepreneur since her teens building numerous successful businesses, both retail and services....
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030. Walk and Talk about Going Big & Creating Safety in Savannah

Come for a walk with me around Savannah, Georgia where I was recently visiting to meet with my business coach and mastermind. I wanted to bring you in on what I was thinking about during the days I was with my coach...
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029. Coach vs. Consultant vs. Course? How to know what you need.

We all need some support from time to time while growing our businesses. Knowing what kind of help you need that will serve you best in getting to your goals and supporting your growth as a CEO is something I get...
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028. Her Greatest Lessons from 20 Years of Entrepreneurship with Katrina Sawa

If you get inspired and fired up listening to other women tell it like it is…there’s no airy-fairy BS in her story but so much refreshing honesty…you’re going to love what Katrina drops by to share with us today. “The...
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027. How to Increase Visibility to Grow Sales

What I know is that getting more visible and connecting with people IS what it takes to grow your business and attract clients. And yes, it’s scary, and maybe that’s okay, it’s part of the cost. We can do hard things...
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026. How to Break the Mold with Dr. Ingrid Murra

Today’s episode is an inspiring one about perseverance, determination and learning by doing! My guest is Dr. Ingrid Murra, a Harvard-trained orthodontist and founder & CEO of the orthodontic start-up My Two Front....
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025. How to OWN Your Value and Why It’s Critical to Your Growth

When we don’t own our value we end up over-hustling, under-earning and burning out. We feel like we’re not that special, unique and just another [fill in the blank]. Ask me how I know! Women are particularly great at...
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024. How to Create a Successful Podcast with Anne Claessen

Have you ever considered starting a podcast as a way to nurture a relationship with your audience? I thought about it for about 4 years before actually starting this podcast. Don’t be like me! I realize now that my...
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023. How to Create Massive Results with What You're Already Doing

The concept I'm teaching in this episode is what has allowed me to go from hustling lots for little gain to ditching the hustle and understanding what REALLY creates the massive results and impact I've always known I...
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022. How to Create Wealth with Shannon Brome-Ward

Making money in our businesses is one thing, but having money and creating wealth is a whole other skill entirely. So many entrepreneurs I talk with are great at making money but struggle with having money, managing...
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021. Copy Camp Week 3 - How to Break the Rules and Troubleshoot Your Copy

In this final episode of Copy Camp we break all the most sacred rules of conventional marketing teaching and I give you my guide to troubleshooting your copy when it’s not producing results.  Breaking the rules when...
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020. Copy Camp Week 2 - The 4 Foundational Practices for Writing Great Copy

In this episode of Copy Camp we get down to the tactics of writing great copy to market your business with my 4 Foundational Practices for writing great copy.  I explain the ‘how’ behind what makes marketing copy work...
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