105. Marketing Tech & Tools That Are Worth Having

In this podcast episode, Melissa Kellogg Lueck, a marketing expert and business coach, highlights the importance of aligning business struggles with the right technological tools for efficiency and financial freedom. She discusses her top four indispensable tools, Asana, Chat GPT, Descript, and StreamYard, which she uses for project management, content creation, content repurposing, and broad live broadcasting, respectively. Melissa emphasizes these tools' role in helping her streamline her work, generate ideas, repurpose content, and reach a wider audience through live video broadcasting, creating greater efficiency, productivity, and reduced decision fatigue in her business.


00:00 Introduction and Welcome
00:33 The Overwhelming World of Marketing Technology
03:14 The Importance of Choosing the Right Tools
04:46 Identifying Your Marketing Struggles
06:02 Overcoming Common Marketing Obstacles
08:27 How to Use Technology to Address Your Struggles
15:37 Exploring the Power of Asana
21:04 Leveraging AI with Chat GPT
27:41 Maximizing Content Repurposing with Descript
33:40 Expanding Your Reach with StreamYard
36:23 Conclusion: Choosing the Right Tools for Your Business
37:57 Invitation to Join the Community


All the links to the tech covered in this episode:
Asana - www.asana.com
ChatGPT - chat.openai.com
Descript - www.descript.com
StreamYard - www.streamyard.com 


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