101. Quitter's Day 2024 - Here's How to Fail at Quitting

Dive into this motivational and practical episode as we confront "Quitter's Day," offering useful tools and insights to keep your entrepreneurial spirit alive. Discover how to overcome the urge to abandon your goals in the crucial first hundred days of the year.

In This Episode, You'll Learn:

The Essence of Quitter's Day: Understand its impact beyond health and fitness, affecting business and personal aspirations.

Five Tools to Defeat Quitting Urges: Practical strategies drawn from real entrepreneurial experience to maintain momentum and commitment.

Your 'Why' and Future Self: Techniques to reconnect with your core motivations and envision a compelling future.

Serving Others and Celebrating Wins: How focusing on your audience and recognizing progress can shift your mindset from quitting to persevering.

This episode is a beacon of hope and guidance for every woman entrepreneur facing challenges in 2024. Join us in turning Quitter's Day into a stepping stone for success and resilience.

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