100. Celly and Lessons Learned Over 100 Episodes

n this episode, we explore the crucial steps to bridge the gap between our aspirations and creating tangible results.

Discover the power of commitment as we delve into the insights from Dr. Benjamin Hardy's book, "Be Your Future Self Now." I candidly share my reflections on self-defeating thoughts and the commitment required to overcome them. Join me in setting bold goals for 2024 and gaining actionable strategies to stay committed.

Learn the art of intentional decision-making, challenge yourself to want what you truly desire, and seal your commitment with purposeful action. The episode culminates with a compelling invitation to record a video or write a letter from your future self—an impactful exercise to turn your dreams into reality.

Tune in now, and let's get to work making your dreams come true together!

Cheers, ladies! We're popping corks on episode 100, and it's time to celebrate you, dear entrepreneurs! Join me as I tell all of the most powerful lessons I've learned (the hard way sometimes!) over the past 100 episodes:

  • Action > Perfectionism: Ditch the "perfect moment" and learn how to bridge the gap between decision and implementation. It's time to take your dreams off the shelf and build your empire!
  • Clarity Through Engagement: No more overthinking! Embrace your ideas, even if they're messy, and discover how showing up imperfectly leads to stunning breakthroughs.
  • Miracles Beyond Comfort: Step into the unknown! Learn how to tap into your magic, unleash your full potential, and surrender to the flow. Remember, miracles love brave hearts.
  • Consistency & Future Self-Care: It's not a sprint; it's a marathon, darling. Discover how to commit to yourself, build trust with your inner rockstar, and fuel your business with self-love (without apology!).

This episode is your personal pep rally, wisdom manifesto, and permission slip to go out there and make your mark on the world. No BS allowed, just pure empowerment and unfiltered truth.

And remember, share this with your fellow business besties who need a reminder of how incredible they are!

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