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014. How Understanding Your Enneagram Type Makes Your Marketing Better

Over the years I’ve done just about every personality-typing-thingy I can do. I think they’re interesting and love experimenting on myself…as you’ll learn about me. But I really love the Enneagram and have learned how helpful it can be for marketing, selling, and serving clients. 

I also think they can be very helpful with giving us awareness, which is why I invited my friend Sarah Lynn Wallace, an Enneagram Coach (she’s a Type 7) to come on the podcast this week to share her Enneagram expertise and her journey as a serial entrepreneur and woman. 

In this episode we discuss how the Enneagram can help us better understand ourselves and our innate traits and how we can use the understanding and awareness to market and brand ourselves and our businesses.

My favorite part of our conversation is when Sarah explains the power of having the awareness of your Enneagram type, she says, “it’s holding up a mirror, being aware of our patterns to help create intentionality.” And this awareness allows us to turn OFF our default thoughts and behavior and turn ON intentionality and create the business and the life that serves our highest purpose.

You can connect with Sarah by visiting her website at or following her on Instagram @enneagrammba.

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