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Hey there! I'm Melissa

Marketing + Mindset Coach

Create great marketing strategy that works for YOUR business + the confidence & courage to go for it!

Let's Get to Work!

Hey there! I'm Melissa

Marketing + Mindset Coach

Create great marketing strategy that works for YOUR business + the confidence & courage to go for it!

Let's Get to Work!

I've been around the block, my friend...

When I started my business in 2005, most of the other coaches around were still learning how to read!

Since then I've helped hundreds...

of entrepreneurs grow and market their businesses.

And I'm here to walk alongside you as your one-on-one Marketing + Business Coach. 

You have a vision...of the impact you want to have, the money you want to make, the choices you want to create for yourself and those you love. 

Every entrepreneur with determination & willingness to learn can build the business and income she wants, while having a joyful life! 

I have all the tools to help you make it happen...simply, joyfully and easier than doing it on your own!

My simple process (below) incorporates mindset and strategy to grow and scale any business.  No matter what stage you’re in, I can help you!

Let's Talk About How I Can Help YOU!

How I work

As a one-on-one business + marketing coach with 17+ years of experience as an entrepreneur, I help women grow and scale profitable businesses joyfully and simply using both mindset and strategy to create greater impact and greater revenue.

Working one-on-one in your business we will:

  1. Set the goal for the growth you want - whether it's your first $10k, $100k, or $1Million
  2. Create a Simple Plan and Timeline that feels great and respects your life & relationships
  3. Plan the Marketing Strategy and the Mindset to get you there
  4. Carry out the Plan together 
  5. Have successes and failures along the way
  6. Evaluate to learn from all of it and create continuous improvement
  7. Iterate the plan, see the growth...all the way to the goal and beyond

The RESULT - You learn (by doing) how to create whatever result you want in your business so you can continue creating those results over and over for the rest of your life!

Ready to get started?? Let's schedule a call to talk about you, your business, your vision, and whether we think it's a good fit to work together. 

Next Steps

(Let's get to know each other better...)

Doing Business Like a Woman Podcast

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The Doing Business Like a Woman podcast is for women in any stage of business - whether just getting started or a seasoned pro - that wants to make more money and have a greater impact.

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Grow Your Sales Simply for Solopreneurs

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12 Brilliant Marketing Topic Ideas

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I've got some exciting news: I'm unveiling my very own book club. And guess what's first on our reading list? '10x Is Easier than 2x'. This book will completely change the way you think about scaling your business... in such a good way! 

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Let's face it.

Building a business is challenging and it can be lonely too. But I'm here to tell you...having the support and guidance of a coach can make all the difference! But, don't take my word for it. Take a look at what my clients are saying!

See What My Clients Say

Let's make your marketing work smarter so you don't have to work harder! 

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