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Hi there! I'm Melissa

The Business & Marketing Coach for Ambitious Solopreneus

I help my clients make more, scale up, and hustle less!

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You don't have to do it alone!

Every solopreneur that has the willingness and the determination to figure it out can build the business and income she wants, while having a life! 

As your coach, I have all the tools to help you make it happen!

I’ve created a simple formula that incorporates mindset and strategy to grow and scale any business.  No matter what stage you’re in, I can help you.

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Together we work on:

  1. Creating confidence
  2. Establishing the value you bring to the market
  3. Visibility + Offers
  4.  A Simple Plan practiced consistently

With my simple formula you can grow and scale a sustainable, enjoyable business with much less hustle and drama!

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Let's face it.

Building a business is challenging and it can be lonely too. But I'm here to tell you... solopreneurship does not mean you have to go it alone. 

As a Business and Marketing Coach for Solopreneurs, I'm here to support you, guide you and share my 15+ years of experience in growing and scaling my own business and helping countless small business grow and thrive!

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I can show you how you too can grow your sales, expand your impact, and Hustle LESS!

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