Your Marketing UNLEASHED!

Learn how to Market More Online!

 You're already great at connecting in person,
but to stand out in a changing economic climate
You need to be Marketing More Online!

In-Person, Live Workshop & Coaching Event!

(includes lunch & networking)

Thanks to our co-sponsor: Hustle Workshop LLC!

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You know that you have to get better at

Marketing Online to stand out from the competition.

It's even more important now as the economy has dipped into recession!

I'm going to teach you my Go-To 3 Simple Ways to get your business in front of more people simply,

whether you are a local-only business or serve clients online.

We will have plenty of time to get ALL of your questions answered.

So, join me for this one-day event!

Hosted by:

Melissa Kellogg Lueck, Founder + CEO of Avanti Business Academy for Women

Top Marketing + Business Coach for Women


Event Details:

Date: October 14, 2022
Time: 10am - 3pm
includes lunch & informal networking beginning at 9:30am

Location: Hustle Workshop, a women's co-working and event space, I-25 & Hwy 34, Loveland, Colorado

Cost: $99 (all-inclusive)

At this One-Day, In-person LIVE Event



How to grow your email list

(one of your greatest assets)


What to do with your email list once you have it


How to easily do your own social media 

and build your business relationships online


How to get started simply with paid online advertising (FB & IG ads)

You're In The Right Place if You...

  • You are building to your first $100k year.
  • Have a business you love but feel confused and overwhelmed by your marketing.
  • Feel like you're working way too hard for the results you're getting.
  • Know you want to go bigger with your business and impact but scared of what that might mean for the other important people and parts of your life.
  • Feel like your offers aren't grabbing the attention and having the impact you know they could be.
  • Are ready to play a bigger game, grow your impact and see how far you can take this business!
  • Know deep down it's possible to create the business you want, but just don't have the clarity to make it happen.
  • Are ready to clear away all the marketing obstacles to create your path to success and impact!

Hey there, I'm Melissa, Marketing + Business Coach for Women that are...

ready to UNLEASH their message to grow their impact and their income!

I'm not your typical marketing & business coach because of what I've been through in my journey to building a six-figure coaching business. My story starts on September 11th, 2001.

I was a recent MBA grad, working and living in the New York City metro area. On that horrible day I lost friends, classmates, and neighbors. And all they did is go to work that day. As a result I asked myself, "if I went to work and never came home, is this how I want my life to end?" The answer was "no."

I was living a life enslaved by my work, my pursuit of more money, self-esteem, and feeling very lonely and empty in the process. I wanted a change. I wanted to create a life of intention - where I could love and pursue my work, make an unlimited income AND have a life and quality relationships. I returned to my home state of Colorado and began to re-build my life, met my future husband, moved to the mountains, and founded my business in 2005. Fast-forward 17 years and I've created what I wanted, a life of intention and love, relationships, work I love, offering value and making an impact, working with clients I love.

No, it's not been smooth or straight, but winding, full of failures, heartache, and lots of learning that continues to this day. But I can now say I've created close to a million dollars over the years and done it on my own terms, living the life I chose, doing the work I love in the time I have. Part of my journey through failures on my road led me to learning the huge impact our thoughts and what we're thinking about ourselves, our business, and our offers affects the success of our marketing. And through doing this work on my own thinking and mindset I discovered that intentionally creating our thoughts, when matched with great marketing strategy creates massive results. This is especially important for us as women growing businesses because our culture has socialized us to remain small and quiet. However when growing a business and making an impact we need to go bigger and speak up. I understand and live these dichotomies daily and coach my clients on them continually as well. 

I believe every woman on this planet is valuable and has value to offer that the world needs. I also believe any woman that chooses to create a business can make all the money she wants in the time she has. My life's work is dedicated to helping her create, build and scale the business that brings her joy and feels like home while making the money and impact she dreams of.

This is my journey too and I invite YOU to join me!

I'm In! Take me to registration!

Special Thanks!

Thank you to Hustle Workshop LLC, Loveland, CO for co-sponsoring our event!