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Connection + Elevation Women's Retreat

September 15-18, 2022

Come to the mountains with us in the Fall - one of the best seasons in the Colorado Rockies - for a time of connection with women like you - that crave friendship with other women leaders - that understand what it’s like, that desire to step further into their mission and vision, that want to be known, and seen and elevated, just as they elevate those around them.

This retreat will help you tap into your inner wisdom, connect with your future self, and create a plan for the next phase of your business and career growth.

You'll also have a great time connecting, laughing and just being with a great group of women!

The retreat includes 4 days, 3 nights in a luxury home in the Colorado mountains. Also included are gourmet catered meals, outdoor activities, and an opportunity to connect with fellow women business and community leaders.


"I was not sure I was going to get much more than a pleasant stay in a beautiful retreat setting from this event sinc e I was not the typical entrpreneur, but I got so much more than expected. I loved every segment that was introduced and I came away inspired, renewed and with practical plans of what to do next. "

2021 Attendee

"It was great! Everyone did a great job of pivoting in the midst of the changes (covid). Good content. "

2021 Attendee

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By the end of this Retreat, you will...

  • Have a like-minded community of women to connect with, laugh with, support, and share accountability with.
  • Have had a chance to rest and reflect on where you are and where you are headed.
  • Have greater awareness of the thoughts, ideas, beliefs that no longer serve you.
  • Have a fresh perspective on your vision and goals.
  • Have a renewed vision and relationship with your future self.
  • Have elevated your self-concept.
  • Have created a tangible plan for your next phase.
  • Have a clear understanding of your value and how to communicate it.
  • Have a clear focus on your next steps, next phase, short and long-term vision.

Your Retreat Directors & Hostesses...

Melissa Kellogg Lueck

Founder & Master Coach, Avanti Business Academy for Women.

Melissa's mission is to create more commerce, business, financial freedom and choices for more women through entrepreneurship because more money in the hands of more women is good for all of us!

Melissa is an expert at helping women maximize their value, impact and revenue while simplifying their businesses to create greater joy and fulfillment.  She serves her clients through one-on-one coaching and teaching. She’s also a sought-after speaker and writer passionate about helping as many women as possible to build and scale successful businesses, make more and hustle less.

Much of what she teaches and coaches stems from what she’s learned as an entrepreneur for the last 20 years, having founded numerous internet and technology companies before founding her current enterprise, Avanti Creative Group Inc in 2005. 

She holds a Bachelor's degree in History and Political Science and an MBA in Marketing from Hofstra University in New York. 

Melissa is also a wife and mother to 2 children and her goldendoodle Ginger. She’s a huge ice hockey fan and gets in her girl time playing on an adult women’s hockey team called the Hot Flashes.

Praise for Melissa

“I participated in Melissa’s marketing bootcamp this summer and found it to be incredibly insightful and a productive use of my time. It was a huge value to have access to an expert in her field, and to share ideas and business pains with other entrepreneurs. She delivered content in easily digestible and engaging formats, always stayed on time/task, and curated great community. We also received a free coaching day – which, by the end, proved to be one of the most helpful and impactful days I’ve had all year. She listens to your struggles, pain points, and dreams, and can filter out the excuses and help you see what is really going on an recommend a strong path forward. She’s authentic, smart, kind, patient, and just an overall rockstar both personally and professionally. I would highly recommend Melissa, her program, and this invaluable investment in your business.”

Sara L

I'm so excited that we met, because I don't really know how I would do the last... I don't even know how I would do it without you. You've been a permanent stable in my mindset shift and how I think through things.

Sydney M

“...The training, the coaching has been invaluable. It's not even necessarily training, it literally is coaching. It's already have these gifts and these talents inside of you, now let's tap into them. Let's pull them out and let's allow them to serve their purpose in your life, to attain the life that is destined and planned for you. So that is probably the biggest mindset shift that I've had and why I would recommend a coach to anybody. I mean, I would say, if you're building a business, you need somebody that is objective enough and not necessarily, what do you call it? In the soup. In the soup with you, but kind of just saying, you might need some oregano in there. You need that objectivity to help guide the decisions that you're making so that you're not backpedaling and taking two steps back to move one step forward constantly.

Kisha J

“I’ve been working with Melissa for a year and have enjoyed every moment. Besides being a great person, she is strategic and creative. I am seeing a great return on my investment in social, online and email marketing, and could not have pulled it off without her! Thanks, Melissa!”

Michelle H

Julie Ulstrup

Elevating women is Julie’s life work.

As Colorado and the Rocky Mountain region’s premier Business Branding, Headshot, Portrait and Boudoir Photographer she elevates women to see the best version of themselves. Since nearly 90 % of the information our brain processes is visual, a portrait is the best way to create a vision for who you desire to become.

Are you looking for images to stand out for your business, on your social media profiles and website or to celebrate the incredible woman you are? Julie is the professional to make it happen. She has been honing her craft for more than 40 years, is working towards International Portrait Master Accreditation and has an innate ability to create an environment where her clients can relax and be their authentic self.

Her Northern Colorado studio location includes professional indoor as well as outdoor spaces. Locations in Southern California and soon in Spain utilize indoor studio space as well as cityscape location options.

Julie believes that empowered women change the world and that by seeing yourself in a portrait that is powerful, beautiful, incredible, we become that best version of who we see. Learn more by watching her recent TEDx talk here.

Praise for Julie

“When you get your photo taken by Julie, you aren’t just getting your photo taken. Julie takes time to capture your essence, your true intention. She takes time and care to truly understand what it is your wanting to capture. She is seriously brilliant at what she does and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her for anything personally or professionally as I’ve utilized her services for both. Your absolute best option in Northern Colorado!!!! 💕🙏”

Kate S

“She made me feel SO comfortable, loved and confident. The pictures are spectacular! I honestly won’t go to another photographer. The quality of her work is exceptional, but more importantly the experience built me up. Never had that from a photographer before!”

Deanna K

“My expectations were high because she has a great reputation but even my high expectations were blown out of the atmosphere. Thanks for the experience Julie!”

Ali A

"Julie is warm and professional and she is somehow able to coax out the best in you and capture it forever."

Jessica V

If you have any questions or want to make sure this is a good fit for you, please book a short call to talk it over.

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Can you imagine…

  • Can you imagine... having your brand and your authentic self seamlessly aligned?
  • Can you imagine… stepping into your vision of your future self and becoming her?
  • Can you imagine… gifting yourself with 4 days of restrenewal, and elevation in a luxury mountain home with a sisterhood of like-minded women?
  • Can you imagine… hiking in a cool, crisp, mountain forest to revitalize your body and soul?

Well, my friend it’s all possible! Reserve your spot TODAY.

The Retreat Experience includes:

  • A small group atmosphere with no more than 12 women attending.
  • 3 nights, 4 days accommodations in a luxury mountain home in the Colorado mountains.
  • Guests have the option to reserve a private or shared room.
  • All meals, snacks and beverages are included and  prepared by a professional chef.
  • Four+ sessions of training and coaching.
  • One hour, private Marketing & Business Coaching session.
  • Program materials.
  • Development of your 4-Year Plan.
  • Community of like-minded leaders to connect with and give and receive support.
  • Elevated vision of your life and business.
  • Outdoor activities, game nights, fun, lots of laughs, wine, fireplace, hot tub...

The real question much longer do you want to wait to take your growth and the growth of your business to the next level?

















50% down payment + 2 monthly payments of $625




50% down payment + 2 monthly payments of $475


Cancellation Policy - 90% refund if you cancel in writing by 7/9/2022, 50% refund if you cancel in writing on or after 7/10/2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a woman who wants to create an elevated vision of what you want your life and business to look like with like-minded women, then this is the experience for you.

Expect to arrive at 4PM on Thursday and check out Sunday at 11AM. A more detailed schedule will be provided to registrants.

If your partner or child is also a woman who yearns to live an elevated life, she is welcome.

If you’re planning to fly in the closest airport is Denver International Airport.

If you have any questions that are not addressed on this page, please email [email protected] or book a call at the link above and we're happy to talk. 


Don’t leave without making the choice to TRANSFORM your life and business today. You and your business are worth the investment!


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