$49.00 USD

10x Is Easier than 2x

How World-Class Entrepreneurs Achieve More by Doing Less

I picked up this book after a passing conversation I had with another entrepreneur at a networking event. As I turned each page I was in awe, thinking “how did I not know about this before?” The way the authors Dan Sullivan and Dr. Benjamin Hardy explain growing and scaling a business is so simple and doable and aligns so closely with my business values and standards, especially around simplicity and value! I was awestruck and kept thinking “everyone that wants to create a sustainable, joyful, lucrative business without burning out needs to read this book and take action on it!”

So, that’s why I’ve created this book club and chosen this book for us to go through together. 

Let me also say that yes, I love the principles and teachings in this book, but I also have ideas to add and enhance the content based on my 18 years of running my business as a woman and scaling it to six figures with my next big goal being $1 million in revenue. 

AND, I think going through this book with a group of women entrepreneurs also wanting to grow without burnout will be immensely valuable for community, camaraderie, accountability and support on solving problems and challenges.

How it works:

  • Each week we’ll have a reading target of a certain number of pages.

  • We’ll meet on Zoom every Tuesday at 9am MT, starting September 5th, to discuss the book, share our takeaways, ask questions, and offer accountability.
    • September 5th
    • September 12th
    • September 19th
    • September 26th

  • We’ll each decide on our 3 individual action items we’ll work on during the week to put the teaching into action.

With your $49 investment you get:

  • Teaching and coaching to help you create the plan - as a result of reading this book - that’s going to catapult you and your business to that next level, teach you how to grow without spending exponentially more time in your business, and transform your thinking about what it means and how to create a business with a much larger impact and revenue.

  • A private Facebook Group to create community, network and share your ahas, takeaways and discuss the book between our live calls.

  • Weekly LIVE Zoom call with me and the other book club members. All the calls will be recorded and uploaded to the Facebook Group so you can watch the replays.

  • The opportunity to create a simple, doable plan to grow your business to whatever level you want, no matter where you’re starting from now.

  • Community of women entrepreneurs also growing and learning alongside you.