A Revolutionary Planning & Goal Setting Event for Women Entrepreneurs

January 4-6, 2022


LIVE Online Training & Coaching Event!

Hi there! I'm Melissa, Marketing Expert +Business Coach for Women...

I used to be terrified to set goals, to make a plan I knew I wouldn't follow. I was scared to allow myself to have a vision or a dream because I had no idea how to bring it to life. Because of that, my business drifted along for years!

Since then, I've learned how to set goals and make a plan that challenged me, called me higher, but didn't require me to sacrifice my life & my health to achieve.

And I'm teaching my revolutionary way to plan, set goals and achieve your goals at this extraordinary event!

You will be part of 3-days of LIVE training and coaching with me that will change everything for you in how you set your 2022 goals, plan and execute them to set you up for your best year yet! This event will help you create an ambitious goal that calls you to step up to the next higher version of yourself, take your business to the next level, and a plan to achieve it all with grace and joy...

...respecting and caring for yourself your life outside of your business.

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During ENVISION 2022, you will...

  • Set your 2022 goal  that's focused and aligned with your life and business and has you feeling energized!
  • Create a clear, doable plan of executing on your goal.
  • Evaluate 2021 with my method that squeezes all of the learning out everything you experienced in '21.
  • Most importantly, you will leave this event feeling more joy and possibility than you thought possible. I guarantee it!
  • Understand why goal-setting doesn't work for many of us and what to do about it. 
  • Create a new way of setting goals for yourself and your business that is generative, uplifting and motivating!
  • Create a focused plan so that you are never sitting down to your desk wondering what you need to be working on.
  • Create an iterative process that has you learning and improving all year long so that reaching your goal is more possible than EVER!

Meet Your Hostess

Melissa Kellogg Lueck

Marketing Expert + Business Coach for Women that want to take their business to six-figures and beyond without sacrificing their health, life or relationships.

Melissa's mission is to help more women to create financial freedom through entrepreneurship that is fulfilling and joyful.

Melissa is an expert at helping women establish their value in the marketplace, build confidence, increase visibility and create compelling offers that generate sales.  She serves her clients through one-on-one coaching and teaching. She’s also a sought-after speaker and writer passionate about helping as many women as possible to build and scale successful businesses, make more and hustle less.

Much of what she teaches and coaches stems from what she’s learned as an entrepreneur for the last 20 years, having founded numerous internet and technology companies before founding her current enterprise, Avanti Creative Group Inc in 2005. 

She holds a Bachelor's degree in History and Political Science and an MBA in Marketing from Hofstra University in New York. 

Melissa is also a wife and mother to 2 children and her goldendoodle Ginger. She’s a huge ice hockey fan and gets in her girl time playing on an adult women’s hockey team called the Hot Flashes.

Praise for Melissa

“I participated in Melissa’s marketing bootcamp this summer and found it to be incredibly insightful and a productive use of my time. It was a huge value to have access to an expert in her field, and to share ideas and business pains with other entrepreneurs. She delivered content in easily digestible and engaging formats, always stayed on time/task, and curated great community. We also received a free coaching day – which, by the end, proved to be one of the most helpful and impactful days I’ve had all year. She listens to your struggles, pain points, and dreams, and can filter out the excuses and help you see what is really going on an recommend a strong path forward. She’s authentic, smart, kind, patient, and just an overall rockstar both personally and professionally. I would highly recommend Melissa, her program, and this invaluable investment in your business.”

Sara L

I'm so excited that we met, because I don't really know how I would do the last... I don't even know how I would do it without you. You've been a permanent stable in my mindset shift and how I think through things.

Sydney M

“...The training, the coaching has been invaluable. It's not even necessarily training, it literally is coaching. It's this...you already have these gifts and these talents inside of you, now let's tap into them. Let's pull them out and let's allow them to serve their purpose in your life, to attain the life that is destined and planned for you. So that is probably the biggest mindset shift that I've had and why I would recommend a coach to anybody. I mean, I would say, if you're building a business, you need somebody that is objective enough and not necessarily, what do you call it? In the soup. In the soup with you, but kind of just saying, you might need some oregano in there. You need that objectivity to help guide the decisions that you're making so that you're not backpedaling and taking two steps back to move one step forward constantly.

Kisha J

Can you imagine…

  • Can you imagine... beginning 2022 having learned all the lessons of '21, setting an amazing goal and knowing exactly how to make it happen?
  • Can you imagine… stepping into your vision of your future self and becoming her?
  • Can you imagine… setting goals and creating a loving, supportive environment to grow and achieve them?
  • Can you imagine… starting your year off with an amazing community of fellow women entrepreneurs, great coaching, and joy?

Well, my friend it’s all possible! Reserve your spot TODAY.

ENVISION 2022 includes:

  • Three, 60-minute live training, coaching sessions via Zoom with Melissa and your fellow women entrepreneurs.
  • A private Facebook Group for community discussion, support and additional coaching.
  • All Worksheets and support materials.

The real question is...how much longer do you want to wait to take your growth and the growth of your business to the next level?













Don’t leave without making the decision to completely TRANSFORM the way you set and achieve your 2022 business goals. You and your business are worth the investment! Join us now!


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